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International fireworks competitions
Belgium/Knokke 2005
Pyrovision wins the International Fireworks competition ‘ING. TROPHY’ in Knokke-Heist in August 2005
Belgium/Deurne 2006
Pyrovision wins the International Fireworks Festival ‘Eugene Hendrickx’ in Deurne in September 2006
Chantilly/France 2008
Pyrovision wins the "Bouquet d'Or" at the "Nuits de Feu" in Chantilly/
France 2008 and the internet and public prizes! Incredible designs of the world's best companies created 3 most impressive nights of fire...


A selection of current dates 2010:
31.12.2010 New Years' fireworks display shows:
Vienna: Big Pyromusical display in the 'Wiener Prater'
Innsbruck: Pyromusical display displays at the "Bergsilvester in Innsbruck"
Salzburg: Fireworks display at the 'Festung'
Saalbach: Music synchronized display at the 'Turmwiese' (18.00 pm.)
Bad Schallerbach: Fireworks display at the Eurotherme ...
...and many more.
17.12.2010 pyromusical display for McDonalds Germany
04.12.2010 Spezial Effekte Anifer Krampusse
03.12.2010 Special effects Anifer Krampusse
27.11.2010 Pyromusical display in Bad Gastein
Special effects Grödiger Krampusse
Special effects Embacher Krampusse
Special effects Mythische Nacht Hackenbuch
26.11.2010 Special effects Grödiger Krampusse
Special effects Krampusrummel Lend
20.11.2010 Pyromusical display in Salzburg, Magazin
09.10.2010 Pyromusical display in Salzburg, M32
26.09.2010 fireworks display for Salzburg's Saint Rupert
11.09.2010 fireworks display in Hellbrunn
04.09.2010 pyrotechnical special effects for the 'Linzer Klangwolke'
fireworks display at the Gwandhaus in Salzburg
28.08.2010 fireworks display in Salzburg
14.08.2010 fireworks display lake festival in Kuchl
07.08.2010 pyromusical display at the Kavalierhaus, Sbg.
31.07.2010 pyromusical display at Schloß Leopoldskron
24.07.2010 pyromusical display at the Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach, OÖ.
18.07.2010 pyromusical display at the World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden
17.07.2010 pyromusical display at the Golfclub Klessheim
14.07.2010 Festival d'art Pyrotechnique Cannes/France
03.07.2010 fireworks display in Hellbrunn
fireworks display at the Schloßhotel Mönchstein
01.07.2010 pyromusical display at the Gwandhaus, Sbg.
pyromusical display in Henndorf/ Wallersee
25.06.2010 music synchronized display at the M32/ Salzburg
19.06.2010 pyromusical display in Steinbach/ Attersee
12.06.2010 pyromusical display in Hellbrunn
05.06.2010 pyromusical display at the Schloßhotel Fuschl
01.06.2010 pyromusical display at the Palais Auersperg, Vienna
28.05.2010 fireworks display at the Salzburger Dult (fair)
pyromusical display at the Zistel Alm
22.05.2010 pyromusical display at Leopoldskron Castle, Sbg.
Fireworks display Hellbrunn
21.05.2010 pyrotechnics and pyromusical display, Opening X Bowl Arena, Werfen
fireworks Maria Plain
19.05.2010 Musical fireworks display in Garmisch, Germany
15.05.2010 fireworks for a wedding party in Annaberg
pyromusical display at Hellbrunn Castle
pyromusical display in Fladnitz, Styria
14.05.2010 Pyromusical display in Hellbrunn
08.05.2010 pyromusical display on the rooftop at Hotel Stein, Salzburg
30.04.2010 Christian Czech in the jury at the Malta Fireworks-Festival
29.04.2010 Christian Czech in the jury at the Malta Fireworks-Festival
09.04.2010 pyromusical display, Klagenfurt
23.03.2010 Fireworks in St. Christoph/ Arlberg
08.03.2010 Music synchronized display show in Hinterglemm
15.02.2010 Fireworks display at Gersberg Alm
07.01.2010 Music synchronized display show in Lech/ Arlberg
01.01.2010 New Years' display show in Lofer

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