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International fireworks competitions
Belgium/Knokke 2005
Pyrovision wins the International Fireworks competition ‘ING. TROPHY’ in Knokke-Heist in August 2005

Belgium/Deurne 2006
Pyrovision wins the International Fireworks Festival ‘Eugene Hendrickx’ in Deurne in September 2006

Chantilly/France 2008
Pyrovision wins the "Bouquet d'Or" at the "Nuits de Feu" in Chantilly/
France 2008 and the internet and public prizes! Incredible designs of the world's best companies created 3 most impressive nights of fire...

Cannes 2009
Pyrovision wins the 'Prix spécial du Jury' for their very emotional
and well synchronized pyromusical display which was fired from 9
barges in front of the world famous Croisette.


A selection of current dates 2011:
31.12.2011 Vienna, Big Pyromusical display in the 'Wiener Prater'
Innsbruck, Pyromusical display at the "Bergsilvester in Innsbruck"
Salzburg, Fireworks display at the 'Festung'
Casino Klessheim, Pyromusical display for the New Year's Eve
Saalbach, Music synchronized display at the 'Turmwiese'
Hinterglemm, Fireworks display
Bad Schallerbach: Fireworks display at the Eurotherme Resort
30.12.2011 Pyromusical display for the Kids-New Year's Eve Party in Innsbruck
03.12.2011 Fireworks-display Salzburg, at the Stiegl-brewery
Fireworks-display Bad Gastein, Alpentherme
Indoor-Pyro-Effects Anifer Krampusse
02.12.2011 Indoor-Pyro-Effects Anifer Krampusse
26.11.2011 Indoor-Pyro-Effects Grödiger Krampusse
25.11.2011 Indoor-Pyro-Effects Grödiger Krampusse
19.10.2011 Music-synchronized display "Best Of Events" fair in Salzburg
09.10.2011 Fireworks display in Salzburg
01.10.2011 Fireworks display at Aigen castle/ Salzburg
30.09.2011 Pyro-effects Presentation Mercedes-Actros, Linz
29.09.2011 Pyro-effects Presentation Mercedes-Actros, Linz
28.09.2011 Music-synchronized display show for the opening "Tropicana" in Bad Schallerbach
24.09.2011 Music-synchronized display at M32 in Salzburg
Music-synchronized display at the Casa Austria, Salzburg
22.09.2011 Fireworks-display on the castle of Salzburg for the patron Saint Rupert-celebrations
17.09.2011 Music-synchronized display show at Ansitz Wartenfels
Music-synchronized display show at Leopoldskron castle
10.09.2011 Int. Baroque-Fireworks-Competition Hannover, Germany
Pyromusical display at Leopoldskron castle/ Salzburg
09.09.2011 Fireworks display at the Kavalierhaus/ Salzburg
03.09.2011 Linzer Klangwolke, Austrias biggest fireworks of all time
13.08.2011 Fireworks display lake festival Kuchl
06.08.2011 Fireworks display for the Villacher Kirchtag
Pyromusical display for the lake festival Strobl/ Wolfgangsee
30.07.2011 Pyromusical display summer festival at the Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach
08.07.2011 Fireworks display summer festival Urstein castle
02.07.2011 Pyromusical display at Leopoldskron castle/ Salzburg
Fireworks display in Salzburg
01.07.2011 Fireworks display for the 30th anniversary 'musica viva' in Mauthausen
30.06.2011 Fireworks display at the Gwandhaus/ Salzburg
28.06.2011 Pyromusical display at the Kavalierhaus Salzburg
17.06.2011 Fireworks display Salzburg Dult Fair
12.06.2011 Market-festival and parachute-worldcup in Thalgau
10.06.2011 Fireworks display in Seekirchen
04.06.2011 Fireworks display at Hellbrunn castle/ Salzburg
20.05.2011 Pyromusical display in St. Lorenz/ Mondsee
13.05.2011 Pyromusical display in Annaberg
29.04.2011 Malta International Fireworks Festival
23.04.2011 Fireworks display at Hellbrunn castle/ Salzburg
15.04.2011 "Hannibal", pyrotechnical effects at the glacier performance in Sölden
29.03.2011 Fireworks display show St. Christoph/ Arlberg
13.03.2011 Pyromusical display in Hinterglemm
05.03.2011 Pyromusical display in Obing/ Chiemsee
05.-07.02.2011 Garmisch/ Germany: Pyro for the Opening display and all victory-ceremonies
for the FIS Alpine Ski-World Championship "GAP2011"
04.01.20011 Pyromusical display Steinbach/ Attersee

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