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International fireworks competitions
Belgium/Knokke 2005
Pyrovision wins the International Fireworks competition ‘ING. TROPHY’ in Knokke-Heist in August 2005

Belgium/Deurne 2006
Pyrovision wins the International Fireworks Festival ‘Eugene Hendrickx’ in Deurne in September 2006

Chantilly/France 2008
Pyrovision wins the "Bouquet d'Or" at the "Nuits de Feu" in Chantilly/
France 2008 and the internet and public prizes! Incredible designs of the world's best companies created 3 most impressive nights of fire...

Cannes 2009
Pyrovision wins the 'Prix spécial du Jury' for their very emotional
and well synchronized pyromusical display which was fired from 9
barges in front of the world famous Croisette.


A selection of current dates 2015:
31.12.2014 New Year's Eve: Wien/ Prater, pyro-musical display
Innsbruck/ Waltherpark, pyro-musical display
Salzburg/ Festung, fireworks-display
Casino Klessheim, pyro-musical display
Bad Schallerbach/ Eurotherme, fireworks-display
and many more...
30.12.2015 Innsbruck/ Marktplatz, pyro-musical display for the "Zwergerl-Silvester"
27.12.2015 Garmisch/ BRD, pyro-musical display "20th anniversary of the City-Biathlon"
05.12.2015 Special effects Show Grödiger Krampusse
Special effects Akt 2 Anifer Krampusse
04.12.2015 Special effects Akt 1 Anifer Krampusse
Gmunden, Special effects for the movie "4 Frauen und ein Todesfall" for and with Brandhofer SFX
28.11.2015 Special effects Show Grödiger Krampusse
24.10.2015 Gersberg Alm, pyro-musical display
14.10.2015 BMW-World Munich/ BRD, Indoor-Pyrofor the 20millionth customer
08.10.2015 Bad Schallerbach, pyro-musical display
03.10.2015 Shanghai/ China, International Music Fireworks Festival, 2nd place
27.09.2015 Salzburg, fireworks-display
11.09.2015 Hannover/ Germany, pyro-musical display for "125 years of Niedersachsenmetall"
05.09.2015 Linzer Klangwolke, pyrotechnical effects
20.08.2015 Olympiapark Munich/ Germany, summer-festival IMPARK, fireworks-display
15.08.2015 Wartenfels, fireworks-display
06.08.2015 Olympiapark Munich/ Germany, summer-festival, fireworks-display
01.08.2015 Villacher Kirchtag fair, fireworks-display
Strobl lake-festival, pyro-musical display
30.07.2015 Erzberg, Special effects for the movie "Pregau" with Brandhofer SFX
25.07.2015 Bad Schallerbach, summer-party Eurotherme, pyro-musical display
Olympiapark Munich/ Germany, pyro-musical display
09.07.-12.07. Salzburg Ring racetrack, Pyro Electric Love Festival
04.07.2015 Freudenau/ Vienna, pyro-musical display
27.06.2015 Hellbrunn, pyro-musical display
17.06.2015 Kavalierhaus Klessheim, pyro-musical display
13.06.2015 Fuschl, pyro-musical display for a celebrity wedding
06.06.2015 Mattsee, pyro-musical display
29.05.2015 Salzburger Dult fair, fireworks-display
24.05.2015 Red Bull Arena Wals, Austrian Football Champion, pyro-musical display
16.05.2015 Maria Plain, fireworks-display
25.04.2015 Antibes/ France, pyro-musical display
20.04.2015 Hellbrunn, pyro-musical display
17.04.2015 Sölden, pyrotechnical effects for the Open-Air-Theater "Hannibal"
30.03.- 10.04. SouthTirol/ Italy, Filmpyro "Attack of the Lederhosenzombies"
25.03.2015 Salzburg, Pyro for Photo-shooting
14.03.2015 Innsbruck-Igls, PRO 7 "WOK-Championships", fireworks-display
17.01.2015 Annaberg, opening Donnerkogel-Bahn, daylight fireworks display

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