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Upcoming Pyrovision events:
Linzer Klangwolke
Pyrovision prepares for Austrias’ largest annually open air multi media show “Klangwolke” along the Danube in Linz with more than 100.000 audience. This year's edition will present the biggest pyrotechnical
show ever in Austria. One hour with tales, music and giant fireworks...
Pyrotechnics on the Rettenbachfern glacier for the immense Lawine Torren "HANNIBAL" event in Sölden...


How enthusiasm strikes off sparks in closed spaces...
Who would not wish for something surprising and special when planning a party,
a company celebration or a product presentation inside a hall?
No problem at all! Pyrovision is your specialist for indoor fireworks. The team around
Christian Czech have gained a lot of experience with pyro-technic effects in closed
spaces, on stages and in theatres.

Pyrovision have developed these effects – especially authorised for indoor use – in
order to be able to ignite fireworks in closed spaces also. These fireworks provide an
astonishing range of effects despite emitting very little smoke and staying close to
the ground.

They are absolutely weatherproof! The indoor know-how of Pyrovision makes you
independent of the weather outside! Be it indoors or outdoors – your fireworks can
take place at any time, and in any kind of weather!
The Pyrovision Service Package:

  • deal with official authorisation and
  • third party liability insurance;
  • deliver and set up, dismantle and ignite the fireworks
    with qualified pyro-technicians;
  • offer an excellent price range.

Trailer "Special Effects"
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Spezialeffekte IndoorSpezialeffekte IndoorSpezialeffekte Indoor
Spezialeffekte IndoorSpezialeffekte IndoorSpezialeffekte Indoor AWD-Kongress Düsseldorf

more pictures of our spectacular special effects in our picture galeries...

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